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Measurement is a key skill for science and math. It can be woven into the school day by extending their understanding of measurement relationships through hands-on investigations. Students can compare shapes that have the same area or the same perimeter and make and test hypotheses about problems they investigate. Example, what are the possible dimensions of a rectangular pen with a perimeter of 28 ft? Or, what is the smallest length of fence needed for a rectangular garden with an area of 36 cm? It's most meaningful when measurement problems are put into real-life settings. Instruction that is based on meaningful and relevant contexts helps students to achieve the curriculum expectations related to measurement. Writing can easily be incorporated as well by students having to explain their reasoning.

By students having ownership in the task, they're more likely to try their best on a task. When doing this lesson again, I would tape more measuring tapes to the wall, so the process would go more quickly, and more students could be measuring at the same time.

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  Student Ownership: Measuring Tape
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Presidential Heights: Convert Customary Measurement

Unit 5: Measurement
Lesson 8 of 16

Objective: SWBAT convert inches into feet to problem solve.

Big Idea: Solve multi-step, real world problems by using feet to compare the heights of the Presidents.

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Math, Conversions (Within and Between Systems), Measurement, Number Sense and Operations, Measurement Tools, inches, feet, customary units of measurement, Operations
  55 minutes
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