Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Creating Our Introductory Sentences - Section 3: Independent Practice


I remember when I was going through my undergraduate degree that it was drilled into our heads that we needed to model as much as we could for our students - especially for young students.  Sometimes modeling is good, but not if it means students are not getting a chance to apply what they've learned independently and in a new way. This means we have to think creatively about ways we can ask students to independently apply what they see us doing in a model, and sometimes that's hard because it means we need to step back more and let students struggle through at times.

I am trying to model enough for my students to understand what to do, but I'm not doing nearly as much "hand holding" as I've done in years past. As I get closer to the end of the year, I am starting to see how independent my students are and how confident they are in their own abilities.  I am much less reticent to have them grapple with material because I know there is power in the struggle.  Besides this, my students get to create with no limitations placed by me and they can truly show their creativity in their writing.

  Changing the Way I Teach
  Adjustments to Practice: Changing the Way I Teach
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Creating Our Introductory Sentences

Unit 5: Analyzing Author's Craft and Expository Writing on Sharks
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT select from a menu of strategies and combine them together in order to create an interesting introduction to their story.

Big Idea: You mean what I write actually has to be interesting to the reader? Since when have I ever had to think about my reader when I write?

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