Reflection: Routines and Procedures Our Strategies for Result Unknown Problems - Section 2: Introduction to New Material


I use white boards during math class to quickly facilitate student practice and strategy shares.  I use a simple procedure to pass white boards and markers out and  back where students pass back and down their rows on the rug. Students love using the white boards and it allows me to quickly assess a students understanding without using worksheets or their math journal. There is a time an place for students to use worksheets and math journals --I use these tools when I want to be able to give written feedback or analyze student work in depth.  I use white boards when I want to quickly assess a skill, gather strategies, or give students a chance to experiment with a variety of strategies.  White boards also allows for students to quickly make changes to their work and to do multiple problems within a short amount of time. 



  Whiteboards as a tool
  Routines and Procedures: Whiteboards as a tool
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Our Strategies for Result Unknown Problems

Unit 6: Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT solve result unknown problems using their own strategies.

Big Idea: Students identify, use, and share their strategies for result unknown word problems.

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Math, Differentiation, Number Sense and Operations, addition, subtraction, Word Problem
  50 minutes
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