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This activity may be quick, but it packs a punch. Just like this morning, this journal response was effective. When I asked students what would happen if "that one person" saw what they wrote, there was an collective gasp. Just considering the possibility was hard enough, but then I made them write about it!

After they wrote, we discussed the possibilities. I asked who would be embarrassed; most raised their hands. They said that they would crawl under the table, or jump out the window, or "just die." Others said they would own it, maybe something good would come out of it. These were perfect reactions and set us up perfectly to read the next part of the scene, where Romeo overhears Juliet's inner-most thoughts about him.

  Considering Embarrassing Moments
  Relevance: Considering Embarrassing Moments
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Analyzing the Tension and Drama in The Balcony Scene

Unit 15: Romeo and Juliet Act 2: Analysis of Character and Tension
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze how an author's choices concerning how to structure a text create tension or surprise by tracking Shakespeare's strategies throughout our reading of Act 2, scene 2 in preparation for an open response.

Big Idea: Romeo, Romeo, WHY are you Romeo? It really makes life so tense and dramatic!

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