Reflection: High Quality Task Learning About Creating Notecards - Section 2: Direct Instruction: Notecards and Sourcecards


Many students dislike this process of creating note cards. They find it tedious and antiqued. Since they can have such strong reactions to this process, it's important to keep in mind the reasoning behind doing this. I don't expect all students to use note cards as they continue to research after eighth grade. I want them to be aware that of the options out there so they can make informed decisions for when they research. This lessons serves as a way for them to see an example of note taking. It's important to explain the benefits of note taking this way. It helps them keep their information organized and they can eventually use these to create their outlines, which will be done in an easy way if they have these notecards completed.

These notecards can easily be done with technology. I had students who needed accomodations and have typed them up using a simple template and others have worked on them using Powerpoint. While they can be very helpful and beneficial, I find that writing them out, even though it may be considered out of date, is beneficial. They can reorganize their note cards easily when they being to work on their outline and rough draft. It helps them to reorganize information in a more tactile way that allows students to get further in depth with the information they have as they are able think about it more. Students may not see the benefit right away, but eventually they will, I hope.

  The Reason For Notecards
  High Quality Task: The Reason For Notecards
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Learning About Creating Notecards

Unit 6: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part II
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Objective: SWBAT determine main ideas and key details in informative text in order to create notecards.

Big Idea: Organization: An 8th grader's nightmare! Using notecards to help organize information.

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