Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Evaluating The Hand Janie Was Dealt in Their Eyes Were Watching God - Section 4: Making Predictions Backed Up With Evidence


By the end of this school year, I want my students to feel that this was the year they engaged in class discussions the most, ever. At this point in the school year, they are still novices in this area. They are not doing certain things people do when engaging in an academic discussion. Specifically, I am the one generally prompting disagreement and orchestrating instances where students have to respond to each other's comments directly. It is understandable that they need my guidance at this point, but I do plan on getting them to the point where they are doing this on their own.

The topic today, particularly the last question I asked them, is good at making it easier to get students to respond to each other's comments by agreeing or disagreeing. This is because the only choices available for Janie are all difficult. I worked at guiding students to bring up all the choices: Janie could leave Joe and be on her own, Janie could go back to Logan Killicks, Janie can just stay and try to make the relationship with Joe better. I also worked at getting students to verbalize the challenges of all these options. In terms of guiding students to agree and disagree and discuss different perspectives, this topic offers a lot.

  Prompting Disagreement During Discussion
  Discourse and Questioning: Prompting Disagreement During Discussion
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Evaluating The Hand Janie Was Dealt in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Unit 1: Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God
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Objective: SWBAT evaluate the development of the character’s quest for autonomy by using a scale and discussing guiding questions.

Big Idea: No matter how bad a hand we are dealt, there are always choices that can help us beat the odds.

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