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One thing I constantly try to create for my students is joy and laughter. Even brain research states that if we experience these emotions, the amygdala is more prepared to receive new information. So I decided to keep a little surprise up my sleeve. I let them read the Christmas tree poem and think about it. Then I read it aloud to them. When I got to the part about the kids knocking the tree down, I made sure to throw in a "Bam!" at the end. You know, Chef Emeril style. I made some of them jump and they were laughing so hard. One student spoke up and said, "Now I see the whole tree falling down!" I pulled them into the lesson, made them laugh and inadvertently helped them like poetry just a little bit more. From this point on, I had them glued to the lesson and much more willing to dig in to a very difficult standard. 

  Joy: Laughter
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A Poet Chooses That Structure On Purpose?

Unit 4: Poetry: A Love/Hate Relationship- "Love That Dog"
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Objective: SWBAT identify a poem's general structure and use that information to infer meaning in a poem.

Big Idea: Poets allow us to hunt for meaning in every aspect of their writing- sometimes it's even hidden in the structure of the poem.

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