Reflection: Continuous Assessment Elapsed Time - Differentiated Reteach, Review - Section 5: Wrap-Up


In this second session of lessons on time, I'm really looking for students to use precise language and to thoroughly explain all the steps of their thinking process as they solve this problem.  It's my belief that doing so will elicit greater retention of the basics of determining elapsed time.  During the pair-share session today and in the following lesson, I use a checklist and a very simple rubric (insert) to monitor the type of mathematical language I hear.  This way I can measure improvement in student language over time and see if there's a correlation to their prior score on a time assessment and the assessment I will give at the end of this review unit.  Additionally, by keeping a record of the precision of their dialogue around this topic, I have immediate information I can use to plan and modify the following day's lessons to meet the needs of all my students.

  Teach, Measure, Learn
  Continuous Assessment: Teach, Measure, Learn
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Elapsed Time - Differentiated Reteach, Review

Unit 12: Time Cycle 2
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT review and apply strategies for telling time to the minute/elapsed time while solving word problems.umber line.

Big Idea: Students benefit from cyclical review of multi-step skills.

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