Reflection: Classroom Setup Peer-Critiquing Your Rhetorical Analysis - Section 1: Background and Context


If your school's network is Window's Server based, you may have experienced a significant log-in lag when a student logs in to a new workstation for the first time.  Their authentication to a new desktop takes several extra minutes, and, as a classroom teacher, you automatically know that, when in a computer lab setting, having students in "different places" with respect to desktop, software/browser, tab, and/or page slows your direct instruction and modeling.  (And often these lags lead directly to "off-task" behaviors.)  In order to account for this lag-during-log-in, I insist that students NOT log-in anytime during the passing period.  Also, even though the "cards" might have students sitting in their normal seats, I generally insist on new seats, so that every student's log-in pace is roughly equivalent.


Despite the fact that many of these students have gone to school with one another for several years, they may not know each other's last names (least of all how to spell them!).  Knowing names is, of course, crucial to Google sharing.  I eleviate the awkwardness by, simply, stating that this is the case -- that is I just "put it out there" and ask students to feel "ok with" asking one another for names and spelling, etc.  It is nice to follow this up -- the sharing procedure -- with a "silly" and simple ice-breaker (which you see on the lesson video). 

  two important notes regarding the "setup" of this lesson
  Classroom Setup: Two important notes regarding the "setup" of this lesson
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Peer-Critiquing Your Rhetorical Analysis

Unit 10: Completing a Rhetorical Analysis
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Objective: SWBAT peer critique one another effectively in an effort to improve the rhetorical analysis ...

Big Idea: peer critiquing is an important social skill as well as an important writing developmental skill

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