Reflection: Adaptive Technology African American History Game - Section 2: African American History Trivia Assessment Game


This lesson was very educational providing facts and trivia on famous African Americans.  My students kept saying, "I didn't know that!"  I know immediately that they were learning new things because they told me so.  My students really enjoyed the engagement of playing the Jeopardy-inspired game, as well.

  I didn't know that!
  Adaptive Technology: I didn't know that!
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African American History Game

Unit 9: Black History
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT play a Jeopardy-inspired game to assess their knowledge of African American history.

Big Idea: Students assess their knowledge of African American history by playing a Jeopardy-inspired game.

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English / Language Arts, Government and Civics, inventors, Nonfiction (Reading), Reading, black history, entertainment, athletes, activist, assessment, game, jeopardy, technology
  60 minutes
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