Reflection: Flexibility Game Day! Summarize text & Character's response to challenges - Section 1: Pre-Game Pep Rally


Due to state-wide testing that was going on in our building today, we kept our warm-up and cheer a bit subdued because we did not want to disturb neighboring classrooms.  I explained that we are all part of one big Easton Elementary team, and in order to ensure the success of ALL of our teammates, we needed to keep it quiet today.  The kids understood and we still were able to get up and move around without making tons of noise.  

  Kept it quiet today
  Flexibility: Kept it quiet today
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Game Day! Summarize text & Character's response to challenges

Unit 9: Animal Encounters - Part II
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT summarize text and analyze character's response to challenges.

Big Idea: It's Game Time - bring it!!

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