Reflection: Complex Tasks Recipe for Conclusions - Section 3: Independent Practice


Although this piece appears to be a short text, what you can do with it is amazing! At first, reading this passage, I just assumed we would move right through it.  It presented to be useful in many ways.  

I read through the passage with the students and prompted them what to underline.  I also encouraged them to underline key words they felt were important.  I was delighted to see many students were able to identify words such as "jeopardize" and "disaster" as key words.  They were really thinking about the text and about the author's message. 

We then were able to discuss how those words conveyed the author's tone towards the conflict presented between the developers and the local residents.  The students made an even deeper connection to the text by comparing it to the "Three Gorges Damn" project in China.  They discussed how the developers there promised the people one thing, but delivered a totally different outcome. 

The students did struggle with pulling out their own text evidence to make the inference, we I prompted them a little more than I originally thought I would have to-but they were able to make the inference and draw a conclusion with no problem. 

In the future, I would just have them practice pulling out text to use to make inferences. 

  Using a Short Text
  Complex Tasks: Using a Short Text
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Recipe for Conclusions

Unit 5: Unit 3 Nonfiction and Informational Text
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze information to draw conclusions based on supporting details and text evidence.

Big Idea: How did we get there? Students work to understand the ingredients needed to draw a conclusion as they read an informational text on the beautiful Victoria Falls.

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