Reflection: Self-Talk Parallel Tales - Section 3: Closure (and a Winner)


This lesson is a popular one from the beginning.  Just using the word "Tournament" gets the kids excited and they're ready to be the judges.  I really liked the way they embraced the idea of comparing these Tall Tales figures and got into the spirit of the tournament as they determined just WHO would be the class winner.  Some kids were also surprised with their personal winner because although they may have enjoyed a character, after rating his/her characteristics, that character didn't necessarily come out on top.

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Parallel Tales

Unit 18: Tall Tales and Legends Conglomeration
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: TSWBAT compare and contrast characters from Tall Tales they've been reading by finding specific details in each story.

Big Idea: With each tale more outlandish than the last, which character will reign as champion in the Tall Tales Tournament?

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