Reflection: Trust and Respect Living in Our Satirical World: Anatomy of Satire - Section 2: Making Satire Relevant with a Satirical Letter to Seniors


The activity I used in this lesson should only be used when you know your students well. Under no circumstances should we do anything that makes them feel unsafe or upset, so I let kids in on the reality that the letter is fake w/in a few minutes of their having read it. Indeed, I'm sure I'll not use this version again but will change the letter. Ironically, after posting this lesson, my district made some very strict changes to graduation, including adopting a policy for having people in the crowd designated as videographers. The goal is to insure decorum reigns rather than beach balls and balloons raining. 

  Know Your Students
  Trust and Respect: Know Your Students
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Living in Our Satirical World: Anatomy of Satire

Unit 7: Take a Little Trip: The Middle Ages and Chaucer
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Objective: SWBAT analyze an example of satire and identity the satirical techniques.

Big Idea: We live in a satirical world.

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English / Language Arts, reversal, Literature, parody, Fictional Literature, irony, satire, understatement, incongruity, political cartoons, Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales
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