Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Comparing and Contrasting Linear and Exponential Functions - Section 6: Exit Ticket and Homework


As the Student Work Organizing Ideas Writing and Differentiated Instruction shows, providing organizational support and space for students to organize their thoughts can lead to gains in content understanding and writing (quantity and quality!). Here are three other samples of student work showing various levels of depth and accuracy of understanding:

Actual Predicted Values 1 writing sample

Actual Predicted Values 2 writing sample

Actual Predicted Values 3 writing sample 

In general providing tools for students to organize their thoughts is a way to differentiate instruction and make curriculum and instruction more flexible to meet the diverse needs of students that walk in my classroom everyday.

I strive to provide students with choices of how they go about a task. For example, in this writing task, where students are comparing and contrasting exponential functions, students can develop an end product of a completed Idea Organizer or go straight to a written essay. That way all students are working on the same math content, albeit at different levels of understanding. In addition, all students are working on the writing process, but closer to level to where they are at as compared to simply asking students to respond to the prompt with no support.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Organizing Ideas as a Differentiation Tool for Writing
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Comparing and Contrasting Linear and Exponential Functions

Unit 5: Exponential Functions
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the fit of Linear and Exponential functions to actual data. SWBAT paraphrase complex arguments.

Big Idea: Students compare linear and exponential functions, and, learn about actual and theoretical data.

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