Reflection: Modeling Multiplication: x0, x1, x2 - Section 4: Guided Practice


By teaching the algorithm over and over using the same wording, students caught on quickly. This is important as an algorithm is a set of procedures used to complete a task.

If students learn the exact set of procedures, it helps them avoid common mistakes. For example, with the problem 2 x 945, some students may multiply 2 x 9 first instead 2 x 5 first.

Others add the carried digit prior to multiplying. For example, in the above problem, students multiply 2 x 5 and then carry the one above the 4. Instead of multiplying the 2 x 4 and then adding the 1, some students will add the 1 to the 4 and then multiply 5 x 2.

This is why repeatedly reviewing the algorithm steps is so important. 

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Multiplication: x0, x1, x2

Unit 13: Multiplication Kick Off
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT multiply a multi-digit number by 0, 1, and 2.

Big Idea: After modeling multiplication facts for 0, 1, and 2 using unifix cubes and a number line, students will multiply multi-digit numbers by 0, 1, and 2.

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