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Comparing the two books was a great lesson.  The kids definitely had their points of view on which type of text they preferred, which led to rich discussion.  As a teacher, it's always a pleasure to hear kids debating subjects in an organized way, and this is just what happened as they talked about their favorite book.  Myself...I preferred Motel of the Mysteries because of its creative take on archaeology.  I expected that most kids would feel the same.  Yes, but just by a little.  It was a surprise, but a welcome one, to see how many enjoyed reading the informational text more.  The tally was sixteen for Motel of the Mysteries and ten for Archeology.

The next time I teach this, I will separate the two comparison pages.  My original intent was for the kids to work together on comparing, then independently.  What I found was that the kids had enough with one task of comparing and contrasting and it would have been better to move the independent task to the next day.

  Review on the Comparisons
  Self-Talk: Review on the Comparisons
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Transcribe/Describe Arcade

Unit 2: Archaeology Adventures
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: TSWBAT distinguish between the informational and literary texts on archaeology.

Big Idea: Analyzing what we've learned with a compare/contrast activity as the archaeology texts' final dig.

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fiction and non fiction archaeology
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