Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Cinderella's Slipper: Scatterplots, Residuals and Goodness of Fit - Section 4: Collaborative Work: Creating a Line of Best Fit


Reflecting on practice is a very important of teaching. In the middle of this particular lesson, I realized that I had placed too many expectations in terms of content for the class. I made the decision to not have students create a line of best fit for this lesson.

The reason for this decision is the lesson already involved a good deal of novel information and concepts for my students (residuals, calculating residuals, etc.) and I felt that many students were on the brink of becoming discouraged due to feeling overwhelmed with the math.

The common core asks teachers to provide opportunities for students to persevere in complex problems. I couldn't agree more with this goal. In the classroom, it can be a delicate balance between providing students with enough challenge (so they are engaged and motivated) with enough support (so that they do not stop working). I felt like making the decision to include the activity on creating a line of best fit for another day was a good example of striking this balance.

  Adjusting Practice to Balance Support and Challenge
  Adjustments to Practice: Adjusting Practice to Balance Support and Challenge
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Cinderella's Slipper: Scatterplots, Residuals and Goodness of Fit

Unit 8: Our City Statistics: Who We Are and Where We are Going
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT choose an appropriate function to model a bivariate data set. SWBAT fit a linear function to the data. SWBAT plot, analyze and interpret residuals for a data set.

Big Idea: Students explore the idea of Goodness of Fit for different data sets and learn to fit data that can be modeled with linear associations!

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Math, Algebra, Statistics, goodness of fit tests, Line of Best Fit, Measurement and Methods, linear models, quadratic models, common courtesy, master teacher project, Residuals, scatterplot, inspiredata, exponential models, 9th grade
  95 minutes
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