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For the Out City Statistics Project, I used InspireData as a technology tool for students to easily create a line of best fit for their project data. Using technology in this way provided access to the broader conceptual ideas in the unit (what a line of best fit is, how to interpret the correlation coefficient, etc.) without being bogged down by the details of the math behind creating the line. Creating a line of best fit is definitely beneficial and an important aspect of regression analysis, but for my students in Algebra I I was thrilled with the thought and understanding they were showing on a topic that was novel for many students.

  Technology to Support Engagement in Complex Tasks: Line of Best Fit
  Complex Tasks: Technology to Support Engagement in Complex Tasks: Line of Best Fit
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How does this fit? CalculatingCorrelation

Unit 8: Our City Statistics: Who We Are and Where We are Going
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Objective: SWBAT compute and interpret correlation coefficients for linear relationships.

Big Idea: Students will using statistics to understand the goodness of fit for a linear model of bivariate data.

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