Reflection: Classroom Setup Ecosystem Vocabulary - Section 3: Student Discussion to Expand Understanding


I like to use student pairs for discussions and when I find that working together could be more beneficial. This requires some planning and creating a workable seating arrangement. Most of the time teachers try to do this by students that talk or might look at each other's work. I choose my seats with pair groups in mind. 

I might put two students together that are high and low, or I think about how a student might interact and expand their thinking with a particular partner. Sometimes I have to move them because the pair is not productive. i have found that my seating arrangement lasts longer because they build a relationship that is centered around working. 

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  Classroom Setup: Classroom Seating Arrangement
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Ecosystem Vocabulary

Unit 9: Vocabulary Skills
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT create their own definitions of needed science vocabulary.

Big Idea: When beginning new units in other subjects, acquisition of vocabulary is necessary. In this lesson students practice defining and using new words in science.

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