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To double check their understanding on an individual basis I ask them to fill out an exit ticket. I pass out sticky notes and ask them to put their name on the back. To check their understanding I ask them to listen to my little clue and guess the animal that I am talking about. They will then use the two steps of listening carefully and prior knowledge to figure out the animal. 

It would be too easy for them to just write the animal. I ask them to also include their reason for thinking or knowing that this is the animal. This is the part that I am assessing. I want to see if they can determine how they drew their conclusion. 

The clue you give can be for any animal. I chose to give clues that led to a bee. I give the clue as an animal that has a way of protecting itself from predators. When it does this, it will often die afterward because it's defense is part of his body. It is not very big and it only uses this method if ti feels very threatened. 

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Schema and Drawing Conclusions

Unit 8: Comprehension Lessons
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Objective: SWBAT activate prior knowledge and use it to practice drawing conclusions.

Big Idea: When drawing a conclusion, students often do not realize how important our schema is to mastering this skill. Students will practice using their schema and evaluate how it helps them to draw conclusions.

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