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It was so important for my students to have the opportunity to use the centimeter grid paper during this lesson for the visual evidence and comparing the area.  Although it extended the time spent on the lesson, it was a critical comparison they needed to make.  One of my ELL students used square tiles to build the area of the two separate rectangles and pushed them together to create the shape.  This was helpful to the other students who watched him demonstrate this to the class.  

Getting through this complex process required hands on materials, and slowing the pace of the lesson made a difference for student success. 

  Grappling With Complexity
  Complex Tasks: Grappling With Complexity
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Area of Irregular Polygon

Unit 3: Measurement
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of arrays to find the area of an irregular polygon.

Big Idea: Students look for break apart irregular polygons to make arrays to find the area of these common shapes.

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