Reflection: Co-Teaching Is it Romantic, Victorian, or Modern? Putting Poems in Their Place - Section 1: Teacher to Teacher: Lesson Time Frame and Context


Over the years I've watched many student teachers get abandoned by their cooperating teachers. I've seen administrators put student teachers in classrooms to act as substitutes for coaches and to get a more effective teacher in front of the classroom. These scenarios disturb me because student interns need mentors who guide them to success. They need collegiality, too. 

I'm having an excellent experience working w/ my student teacher. We have adopted a co-teaching model for the class she teaches w/ me, and she has shared numerous examples of what she learns in my room that she uses in the other classes she teaches w/ one of my colleagues. 

I spend much time conferring w/ the student teachers I supervise. I want them to succeed and to see teaching as a long-term career, not a stepping stone to a job society values more. I also want them to see me as someone whom they can call on once they have their own classroom. This can't happen if I abandon them rather than guide them to a successful start to their careers. 

Mentoring matters, especially if we are to stop the revolving door that leads so many new teachers to a quick departure from the classroom.

  Mentoring Matters
  Co-Teaching: Mentoring Matters
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Is it Romantic, Victorian, or Modern? Putting Poems in Their Place

Unit 10: Romantic, Victorian, and Modern British Poetry
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT categorize poems based on literary movement.

Big Idea: Literary movements have certain characteristics, but are fluid rather than fixed.

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