Reflection: ELL Students Jack Pretslusky - Section 3: Partner Work


In the video, you'll notice that I talk about the different proficiency levels that different students demonstrate. While I have high expectations for all students, I know that some need more support in certain areas than others. For example, I make sure I am on the look out for ways I can support my ELL students with the more technical aspects of writing while also expecting them to produce the content proficiently. This is how I differentiate to meet my students needs. 

Also, in the video, I mention that music and singing are not relevant, but, after some thought, I have decided that music and singing can connect to being a poet. I will have to go back and revise my initial analysis. Sometimes my analysis right after instruction is a little foggy, and I don't always see things as clearly as I do when I step back and analyze work at a later date. It's sometimes important to remember to give yourself time to breathe and reflect as a busy teacher!

  ELL Students: Student Work Reflection
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Jack Pretslusky

Unit 9: Create and Revise an Informational Paragraph
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify the main idea in a text and support their answer using text evidence.

Big Idea: Students work to find the main idea in a text about a poet who's a first grade favorite: Jack Pretslusky. Then they use evidence in the text to support the main idea.

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