Reflection: Student Ownership Thesis Proposal Revising And Intro to Research - Section 2: Instructions For Independent Learning


This type of lesson is great because it can really serve two purposes. It allows me to conference with students so I can give them individual attention and help them along in the process. It also allows me to give students the chance to take ownership of their learning. These are both of the most important ways a teacher can help a student. Individual conferences can be the most challenging in a classroom because of time issues. If a teacher can devote that time, the benefits pay off a thousand fold. Writing thesis statements is very much an individual process. The more a teacher can help students to do that work individually the better.

As I conference with each student, it's challenging to keep the rest of the class on task. Can I always trust that students will be working diligently and productively when I am meeting individual with students? No, I can't. What I can do is create an environment where the importance of reading and writing is at the center. If students are aware of this from the beginning of the year then they will be slightly more productive. They are also aware, by this time in the year, how great conferences can be so they respect their peers as they are conferencing.

If that doesn't work, I can always check in with some students between conferences or at the very least assign a certain goal that needs to be completed by the end of class. Sometimes threatening them with work is the only option.


  Independent Learning
  Student Ownership: Independent Learning
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Thesis Proposal Revising And Intro to Research

Unit 6: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part II
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT revise thesis proposals to narrow focus.

Big Idea: Independent learning about the next step of a research paper: note taking and gathering sources.

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