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I use the openers daily in order to establish and keep routine in my classroom.  Students know the expectation is to come in, pick up an opener and get started right away.  This frees me up to deal with any issues that may arise between classes, or to help previously absent students. 

The content in this particular opener is skill work on fractions.  Fractions were not students' favorite topic, and I think it is important to work on skills every once in a while.  Thus, students were working on simiple add/subtract/multiply/divide fraction problems.  This was a good review for kids - lots of hands went up, but I just asked a few guiding questions to get them going - which one do we need a common denominator for? How do we divide fractions?

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Triangle Inequality Theorem

Unit 7: Geometric Figures
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to determine if three side lengths can form a triangle.

Big Idea: Any three sides lengths can't form a triangle? NOPE! Students will use straws of various lengths to investigate this theorem.

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