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Collab/Special Education Note: As I was teaching throughout the day, it became apparent that some students had not heard of making connections before. This was especially apparent early in my collaborative class. This is the perfect justification of why I use the Guiding Question as a formative assessment and a check for understanding.

During the Guiding Question, my collab kids really questioned me on it, and when they shared out, they had missed the mark. Instead of giving me a connection, they were telling me what they thought of the book. 

My solution was to model this activity for them. I annotated on the document camera, then gave two examples of connections I had. Here's my annotated article that I did along with the students.

  Students with Disabilities: Special Education
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Connecting to the Self and the Text

Unit 10: Changes in Self Perception: Part 1
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT: connect our novel to both an nonfiction text and their own lives.

Big Idea: Unfortunately, most of my students have encountered a bully. This article addresses when students go too far by bullying an adult.

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