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When students are choosing a topic, it is easy for them to want to choose the same topic. Sometimes your leaders are the ones that cause  a trend to occur within the room. To keep this from happening I I sometimes do not let them tell me their topic choice out loud. I have them walk up and tell me instead.

I also want students to choose all of the options so we can learn about all the groups. It allows students to become experts and help others get to know the material. If I have too many of one group, I will just ask some if they have another topic that interests them. Sometimes students are excited to take on a topic that no one else has chosen. They want to be the expert and have the class rely on their information. I would ask these types of students to change first. 

  Helping With Topics
  Diverse Entry Points: Helping With Topics
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Interesting Topics

Unit 17: Researching Basics
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT determine an interesting topic within a chosen theme.

Big Idea: Choosing an interesting topic within a set of guide lines can help a student stay focused and enjoy the topic they have chosen for a research project.

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