Reflection: Performance Tasks Marketing Exponential Functions: A Group Performance Assessment Task - Section 4: Recap and Homework


The sample Marketing Exponentials Scored Rubric is an example of how I provide feedback to students on their work. For this performance task, students completed a performance checklist that is aligned to content standards of the common core. 

The rubric combines the performance checklist and has three focus areas that I want students to improve upon: paraphrasing complex arguments, using evidence to justify their thinking and collaborative work. 

I setup the feedback section of the rubric purposively so that I am highlighting the positive aspects of each group's work as well as areas for students to improve on. I want students to have positive reinforcement and have each student know what they are doing well on as well as not only areas for improvement, but then how they can begin making those improvements.

  Performance Tasks: Assessing Performance Tasks
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Marketing Exponential Functions: A Group Performance Assessment Task

Unit 5: Exponential Functions
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create and interpret exponential functions. SWBAT paraphrase complex arguments as evidenced by writing a summary statement explaining their group's project and reasoning.

Big Idea: Students collaborate to identify, develop, and promote ways to use exponential functions to understand the world around us through mathematical modeling!

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Math, Algebra, modeling, exponential function, domain, range, function notation, master teacher project, common c, multiple representations, Performance Assessment
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