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We do group activities quite frequently in my classroom.  It has taken a few students most of the year to learn how to be a team player, to compromise, to contribute to the group and let others contribute as well.  It is fun to see the students learn and grow and develop the skill of working well with others in a group.  What a great life skill!  They will work with others many times throughout their lives.  Hopefully they will have the skills to make working with others a positive experience. 

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  Real World Applications: Group Tasks
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Tarzan: Creating a Script

Unit 16: Tarzan!
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT apply what they have learned during our unit on "Tarzan" by composing their own scripts of the story in small groups.

Big Idea: Our students apply what they have learned about the story of "Tarzan" in our previous lessons by composing their own versions of "Tarzan" while working in small groups.

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English / Language Arts, performance, Tarzan, group task
  70 minutes
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