Reflection: Conferencing Tarzan: Opinion Writing - Section 2: Which Tarzan is Best?


I don't conference with each student on every piece of writing we do in class because there is just not time for me to do that.  But I do like to meet with each student periodically and talk about their writing.  We focus on the positive aspects of their writing and then I also give them some pointers on things that could improve their writing.  While grading these papers, I noticed that a few of the students had not applied the things we talked about before we started writing this piece.  I will find a time to pull them aside and conference with those few who are still not forming paragraphs or not writing the essay in complete sentences.  They are creating more of an outline.  

  Need for Individual Conferences
  Conferencing: Need for Individual Conferences
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Tarzan: Opinion Writing

Unit 16: Tarzan!
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create a five paragraph essay based on their opinion of which form of the story Tarzan they enjoyed most.

Big Idea: We will be writing opinion papers on whether the book, play, or movie version of Tarzan was best and why.

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