Reflection: ELL Students The Farmers are Going Broke - Section 3: Partner Work


The advanced work in this section really shows how I have to teach to the top of my class. This students' group really understood the text, the point, and the vocabulary in their work. It is amazing how the students respond to complex text when exposed to it frequently.  He did copy from the text; but he knew what to copy, and the what it meant.

The basic work is similar to what the rest of the class created.  They had one point and one of two pieces of evidence.  They did not use the rich vocabulary because they did not understand it, in my opinion.  But, they did get exposure to the vocabulary in context. I thought it was interesting to notice the child refers to soybeans as flowers, which tell me that the group really does not understand this is a crop grown for resale by a farmer.  The lack of prior knowledge is a pattern I see in my English Language Learners.

  ELL Students: Student Work
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The Farmers are Going Broke

Unit 10: Author's Point
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT determine the reasons that the author gives to support their issue.

Big Idea: Learn about farming and how farmers get paid.

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