Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Writing a Science Paragraph from Notes - Section 2: Shared Writing


This lesson provide students an opportunity to work with the content, think about their audience, and practice presenting information. However, some students are still learning about creating a multi-sentence paragraph. The first few times I taught this lesson, students would write a list of complete sentences that are not in a paragraph and the paragraph had not been indented. Now, before I send students off to work independently, I make sure to explain that in a paragraph, sentences are written a small space from the period of the sentence before it, not on a new line. Paragraphs are identified by the small space or indent at the beginning of the first sentence. And, unless we are specifically drafting with the idea to revise later, we do not double space. 

Reminding students of these expectations right before they begin help student produce higher quality paragraphs.

  Reviewing Conventions
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Reviewing Conventions
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Writing a Science Paragraph from Notes

Unit 5: ELA Through Environmental Science
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT to use notes to write an expository paragraph

Big Idea: After students take notes, they reorganize their notes in order to support understanding.

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English / Language Arts, expository paragraph, paragraph (Composition Basics), Comprehension (Reading), notetaking, informational, diagramming, diagram, environment
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