Reflection: Online Resources Dystopian Novels: Book Club Meeting One - Section 2: Blog Posting Requirement Overview and Set Up


As my peers and I worked on this unit, we struggled a great deal with deciding on what the best virtual discussion platform was going to be. We thought about Google (our district supports a Google account for all students), but we weren't really happy with the format of Blogger. We also thought about having kids create a website or using a group wiki, but nothing was as conducive to discussion as we wanted it to be. 

My 10th grade team and I decided to use schoology for a variety of reasons, but the main one was that this is the most recommended website by our district librarians. We wanted to have something that students could access from anywhere, but that was protected within an educationally focused website. We also wanted something that would allow all 450 sophomores to communicate with each other virtually as we read these novels. 

The students were very engaged by the process of setting up their blogs and were playing around with different hashtags. Based on some of the goofy responses I saw this afternoon, I worked with a few other teachers this afternoon to put together a handout with requirements. I will hand this out tomorrow so that they can post or revise their initial responses by tomorrow at midnight. 

  Finding the Best Tool for Virtual Discussions
  Online Resources: Finding the Best Tool for Virtual Discussions
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Dystopian Novels: Book Club Meeting One

Unit 14: Literary: Dystopian Fiction Literature Circles
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their preparedness for collaborative discussion by sharing their research, reading and analysis with their book club groups.

Big Idea: It's time to dive in! Book clubs will discuss the first chunk of reading and begin to analyze how and why their authors do what they do.

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