Reflection: Rigor Finding the Area of a Triangle - Section 5: Closure


I had high hopes for the connections kids would make between the three formulas.  I was a little disappointed because the connections they were making were very basic.  In fact, these connections proved to be quite rigorous for them.  The majority of the students made some connection between the 3 components.  A few made connections between two of them and a few made the full connections.

See samples of the three way connections.


Here's what this activity told me.  I need to take some more time composing the shapes into rectangles.  I used square tiles, but that really limited me when it came to reallocating the pieces to create something new.  I think I will try graph paper and have the students draw it on the paper and use different color pencils to show the composing of the rectangle. 

I do feel the students understand how the formulas work, but they didn't make the connections I was looking for to deepen their understanding of why the formulas work the way they do for each of the shapes. 

  Rigor: Making connections to their learning
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Finding the Area of a Triangle

Unit 8: Geometry
Lesson 3 of 17

Objective: SWBAT find the area of a triangle using square units and the area formula

Big Idea: Finding area of shapes relates to Geometry and Algebra in High School

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