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As you may have noticed, I have debated a lot this year about using ten minutes a day on reading time. Last week, I read a great blog post by a friend about the importance of calming students minds and preparing them for the learning that is to come. He advocates ditching bell-ringer activities and replacing the first ten minutes of class with meditation exercises. 

While I am not going that far, after reading his piece, I realized that my students were much more engaged during class than they have been in the past. I think starting with ten minutes of reading works similarly to meditation. It calms their minds and gets them into the right head space to learn/think. It doesn't work everyday, but I have noticed that the reading is something my students and I have all grown used to and that we all look forward to diving into a book before we get into the real meat of the day. 

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Dystopian Elements Overview

Unit 14: Literary: Dystopian Fiction Literature Circles
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT determine themes of dystopian literature and analyze how these themes are developed by participating in class discussion.

Big Idea: As we prepare for our first official text-based discussion on our dystopian novels, we will take note of the common elements for this genre.

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