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I am really glad that I included this work time today. As mentioned in yesterday's lesson/overview of my structure for this unit as a whole, but teaching colleagues and I REALLY wanted to make sure that this unit was successful because we all love these books and we know that the students will love them too as long as they persevere. By building in class time to support this perseverance, think we are going to have better discussions overall. 

After I wandered the room today, I am even more convinced that this work time was needed. Students were asking really great questions about their books and the requirements of their roles. I had a long conversation with two of my Handmaid's Tale allusionators about the inclusion of certain Biblical passages in their novels. I also had a great conversation with a student who was working on creating a propaganda poster for Brave New World. By being able to walk around and check for student understanding, I had a greater sense of who has been reading and was able to help students who have been trying really hard to "get" their books, but who needed a little one-on-one dialogue before presenting their ideas to their peers. 

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Dystopian Elements Overview

Unit 14: Literary: Dystopian Fiction Literature Circles
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT determine themes of dystopian literature and analyze how these themes are developed by participating in class discussion.

Big Idea: As we prepare for our first official text-based discussion on our dystopian novels, we will take note of the common elements for this genre.

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