Reflection: Writing in Math Classroom, Part 3: Comparing and Contrasting Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences - Section 6: Recap: Class Generated Venn Diagram


This section of class focused on the class creating a Venn Diagram Compare and Contrasting as a way to teach students how to compare and contrast AND to solidify their understanding of arithmetic and geometric sequences. 

When I first designed this lesson, I put the class generated Venn diagram as a way to recap and review the lesson. After teaching the lesson to a section, however, I realized that many of my students needed additional scaffolding to be able to deeply engage in the critical thinking skill of comparing and contrasting. I wanted to provide explicit instruction in one way to organize one's thoughts when asked to compare and contrast two ideas/concepts/constructs, etc.

As an important next step, I also showed the class one way (Organized Ideas to Organized Text) in which they could translate the Venn diagram into a written responses that would flow. Making the connection, and differentiation, between organizing one's ideas and translating those ideas into traditional text format, is a subtle but important skill that is by no means automatic for the vast majority of my ninth grade students. 

Writing may not seem like a logical fit in the math classroom to some, but I believe that writing is a powerful tool for students to not only better understand the mathematical content, but it also make them better communicators and thinkers across disciplines. 


  Organizing Ideas and Mathematical Writing
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Writing in Math Classroom, Part 3: Comparing and Contrasting Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

Unit 5: Exponential Functions
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast arithmetic and geometric sequences. SWBAT construct equations in 2 variables to model sequences as functions. SWBAT construct clear arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

Big Idea: Students work collaboratively to teach each other the similarities and differences between arithmetic and geometric sequences!

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