Reflection: Standards Alignment Estimation, Measurement and Significant Figures - Section 1: Entry Ticket: Estimation and the New England Patriots


After teaching this lesson on estimation and significant figures, I realized how much I enjoyed the setup of the entry ticket. 

Providing students with a real-world example has always been something that I believe helps students better engage and apply mathematical concepts to their own world. 

However, this school year with the increased emphasis on the common core, I am realizing the power of asking students to critique the reasoning of others. Writing the entry ticket in an interesting scenario (what could be more interesting than buying Pats tickets, I mean really?) and adding questions that focus students attention to the thinking of another person is powerful.

This entry ticket produces an in depth conversation on how Sam estimated as well as the pros and cons to his approach. I am a big fan of the Patriots, but perhaps an even bigger fan of designing tasks that foster student led debate and discussions. If I can get students to leave my classroom with a better understanding of how to compare, contrast and reconcile various viewpoints and arguments, then I can leave at the end of the day feeling confident that I really have made a positive impact as an educator.  

  Math Practice 3 in Action
  Standards Alignment: Math Practice 3 in Action
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Estimation, Measurement and Significant Figures

Unit 2: Its Not Always a Straight Answer: Linear Equations and Inequalities in 1 Variable
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT... 1. Use appropriate units and scales, identify and interpret significant figures, and describe situations mathematically using equations and inequalities.

Big Idea: Students creare their own quiz on significant figures to construct their own understanding in this student-centered lesson!

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