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We have used the Four Square writing method and used a four square graphic organizer for the majority of our writing pieces this year.  Whether you use this same method or a different method, I highly recommend that you use the same method consistently throughout the year. My students this year have become more proficient at being able to set up and compose a 5 paragraph essay and I attribute this to using the same format consistently through this school year.  In years past, I have shown the students several different ways of setting up a piece of writing in order to expose them to multiple ways.  This was good, but the students didn't ever become proficient in writing on their own with little help.  The level of writing this year has blown me away.  Even my struggling readers are producing good five paragraph essays with reasons to support their ideas.  I will definitely continue to use the four square method in the future. 

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Tarzan: The Book's Always Better...Or Is It?

Unit 16: Tarzan!
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast all three versions of "Tarzan," the play, the book, and the movie. Students will also begin an opinion writing project by organizing their thoughts on a graphic organizer.

Big Idea: We will be taking a close look at the similarities and differences between the play, the book, and the movie versions of "Tarzan." We will also begin to write opinion papers about which form of the story we most preferred and why.

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English / Language Arts, compare and contrast, opinion writing, Tarzan
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