Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Estimation, Measurement and Significant Figures - Section 4: Collaborative Work: Create Your Own Significant Figures Quiz


In reflecting on this activity, I am realizing how easy and simple it can be to provide students with an amazing differentiation tool: choice and creation. 

By assigning tasks where students are asked to generate a product, with defined parameters, students will tend to operate at their own level of understanding. This means there can be one assignment that meets the needs and level of students at various levels of understanding for the day's topic.

Take the Make Your Own Significant Figure Quiz for example. The Student Work : Create Your Own Significant Figure Quiz is an example of a student-generated quiz. This particular sample is from a group in my Fundamentals of Algebra course. Having students not only make a quiz, but then switch quizzes with another group and then provide feedback was a great way to engage students. 

I would absolutely advocate for having an answer key (Student Work Answer Key Explanations Create Your Own Significant Figure Quiz.jpg)as part of any Create your own assessment project. Having a space where students were asked to back up their answers pushed them to think about the problem rather and underlying concepts in the lesson.

I don't think too much of any one instructional strategy or assignment is a good thing in any classroom, but providing chances for students to create their own assessments and/or projects definitely has a places on the shelf of varied assessments in my math classroom.

  Diverse Entry Points: Creating as a Differentiation Tool
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Estimation, Measurement and Significant Figures

Unit 2: Its Not Always a Straight Answer: Linear Equations and Inequalities in 1 Variable
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT... 1. Use appropriate units and scales, identify and interpret significant figures, and describe situations mathematically using equations and inequalities.

Big Idea: Students creare their own quiz on significant figures to construct their own understanding in this student-centered lesson!

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