Reflection: Perseverance Comparing Investments: A Math Assessment Project Classroom Challenge - Section 3: Collaborative Activity 1 - Matching Investments Plans and Formulas


In this section students are asked to match up different representations of functions depicting simple and compound interest. This task, developed by the Mathematics Assessment Project, worked well in my classroom. 

I think that providing a focus area for students to zoom in on is important. In this task, for example, students are not asked to generate graphs or scenarios as they different representations are given to them. This simple, yet ingenious design allows students to dig deep into the connections between the representations. 

One pointer when implementing this lesson in the classroom: I find that providing students with a poster board and organizing their space can help initiate and facilitate the process. When the different cards are simply laid out on a desk, they can easily be lost and many students have trouble keeping track of the work they have done as well as maintaining an organized space. 

  Motivating Students to Work with Complex Problems
  Perseverance: Motivating Students to Work with Complex Problems
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Comparing Investments: A Math Assessment Project Classroom Challenge

Unit 3: Everything is Relative: Linear Functions
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify a linear function as changing at a constant rate over time. SWBAT interpret the structure of expressions. SWBAT interpret expressions for functions based on the scenario they model.

Big Idea: Students compare simple and compound interest problems as a backdrop for distinguishing between linear and exponential functions across representations!

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