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I am glad I took baby steps in explaining to my class each part of the process that led to a successful shared inquiry discussion.  This is an abstract concept that requires a lot of modeling and sharing of the limited life experiences students have in their young lives.  Most interpretive questions rely on life experiences as well as text based evidence to support claims and understand the meaning behind text.  

     I will have to work on my discussion leader skills by asking more specific questions directed to specific pages of the text.  Although our discussion refers back to the text, I felt that it could be more detailed and specific if students read passages from text that support their interpretations. 

  Shared Inquiry Observations
  Shared Expectations: Shared Inquiry Observations
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Shared Inquiry Discussion

Unit 3: Shared Inquiry Discussion
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Objective: SWBAT explain and defend arguments.

Big Idea: Students learn to generate ideas with a clear focus in response to questions,

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