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One of my goals during the school year is for students to create not only a love of reading, but also a habit. A lesson like this keeps both of those in mind. I allow students to choose a book for an author visit. Whenever students can choose, they are more engaged. They are also more engaged when they have a direct connection and purpose for reading. The purpose here is for them to engage with an author. Since the goal of engaging with an author is not as formal as a test, they are also more engaged. This lesson also allows students to create a plan for reading. When they can create a plan that works for them they are more inclined to be engaged. Hopefully, they can take this skill of creating a plan with them as they move on in their lives as readers.

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Determining A Book To Read For Author Visit

Unit 11: Independent Reading II
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT create a reading plan by focusing on scheduling and determining main ideas in literature.

Big Idea: Choose your own adventure! Well, sort of. Choose your book then create a plan.

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