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Today, when the students are playing fractions war, I circulate the room to listen to the pairs of students talk about fractions.  The purpose of the lesson was to increase student clarity in their thinking and speaking.

Before students break off to play the games, I share my expectations.

When I come around, I am going to be listening to your math conversations.  When you are comparing the size of your fractions, I expect that you are considering both the numerator (number of pieces) as well as the denominator (size of the pieces) to help support your reasoning. 

I circulate and keep quick notes about the dialogue that I hear. I will revisit this throughout the next few weeks as well. 

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Unit 3: Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
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Objective: SWBAT place fractions on a number line.

Big Idea: This lesson is designed to assist students in clarifying their understanding and developing precision in their reasoning about fractions.

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