Reflection: Lesson Planning Getting A Larger Picture of the Hand Janie Was Dealt - Section 4: Brainstorm Choices and Reading Independently


This brainstorming session is very brief. The point is simply to get them ready for tomorrow's activity, which will engage students in a more structured evaluation of the hand Janie was dealt, the choices she has at this point, and the quality of these choices. Most students wrote down that they believe Janie was dealt a bad hand and that Janie should consider leaving her second husband. The notes they jotted down today are mainly for them as they are going to have an opportunity to develop these ideas tomorrow. It may seem unnecessary to have them brainstorm information they will be able to produce quite easily tomorrow. However, I often find that this step is necessary for those students who are not as quick with their thinking as others. Your students may be able to skip this brainstorming session entirely.

  A Quick Brainstorming Session
  Lesson Planning: A Quick Brainstorming Session
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Getting A Larger Picture of the Hand Janie Was Dealt

Unit 1: Reading Their Eyes Were Watching God
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: SWBAT continue tracking the development of the character's quest for autonomy by analyzing significant events through discussion.

Big Idea: As we examine the development of someone's quest for autonomy we have to ask two important questions: what choices does this person have and what is the quality of these choices?

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