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After any assessment it is important to check for understanding. As teachers we know how to give tests to look at student learning, but we also need to reflect on our teaching practice. When I completed this assessment it was clear where students had trouble. One area was in the portion of details needed to show the rising action. Many students chose important details but did so from all sections of the story. I now know I need to go back and clarify with a mini lesson the difference between falling and rising action. 

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Assessing Plot and Conflict

Unit 10: Story Elements
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate and complete a graphic organizer that represents plot structures and fill it in with 90% accuracy.

Big Idea: This lesson assesses the structures of plot, and theme. Students have been working on this in previous lessons and this is to determine if I need to reteach or have an intervention for better conceptual understanding.

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