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During the lesson some students seem to have a hard time determining what number was larger.  To solve this problem, I  place students in a small group setting and provided them with place value charts and a set of 5 numbers. I asked students to enter in each number according the the value of each number.  For instance, in the number 346 the number 3 should be placed under the hundreds column, 4 under the tens column, and 6 under the ones column. After they have placed numbers correctly. I asked them to re-state the value of each number, just to make sure they understood.  To extend this concept a bit I had them to represent each number using base-ten materials.  I asked, how do you know, can  you represent this number another way, did someone come up with something different, can you tell me the value of the 3, 4, and the 6, explain.  As time went by student began to explain and see the connection between numbers a lot better.  

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Brushing Up on the Skills!

Unit 4: Numbers and Their Places!
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Objective: 4.NBT.1 Students will gain a deeper understanding of place value and how it is used to determine the value of the digit.

Big Idea: Using a variety of skills and interactive activities students will brush up on their place value skills to help them become better problem solvers!

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Math, Place Value, reasoning, base ten, discussions
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