Reflection: Accountability Ready! Set! Snow! Examining Snowflake Bentley's Character Traits - Section 3: Partnering Up


In talking to teachers, there are many schools of thought concerning how to pair students- their choice or the teacher's choice.  I am of the opinion that students should be allowed to choose their own partners when working on assignments in class.  

I know that when I, as an adult, attend a professional development activity and the facilitator makes me work with people I don't know, I shut down.  I don't get nearly as much from the activity as I would have had I worked with someone I knew.  

Now, the argument could be made- even in my own case- that people need to branch out, hear other ideas and learn how to work with people they don't know and I do agree to an extent. However, I also want to provide a safety net where my students feel comfortable taking risks. That is best fostered when my students feel comfortable with their partners.  

There are other times in class when I assign groups or groups are random.  In these instances, students are more likely to have at least one person in their group they feel comfortable with. In the case of partnering, in my class, students choose their own.  

  Reflection: Choosing Partners
  Accountability: Reflection: Choosing Partners
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Ready! Set! Snow! Examining Snowflake Bentley's Character Traits

Unit 13: Let It Snow!! Analyzing Snowflake Bentley
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify character traits in a text and provide evidence from the text to support their conclusions.

Big Idea: Understanding characters in a text deepens comprehension and understanding.

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