Reflection: Complex Tasks Polishing the Metaphysical Conceit into a Poem - Section 4: Examples of Student Work


Assigning an entire class to write poetry can be a risky endeavor.  Each student will approach the assignment from his/her unique perspective and quite often with a lot of hesitation.  

I chose to make this assignment process oriented because I wanted my students to think of writing poetry as a process, and not as some kind of spontaneous inspiration sent from Mt. Olympus.  Also, I wanted them to dig deep into the concept of a conceit, and the very best way for students to do that is to write one. 

I was surprised at some of the sophisticated and not-so sophisticated ideas my students wrote out. 

  Writing Poetry
  Complex Tasks: Writing Poetry
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Polishing the Metaphysical Conceit into a Poem

Unit 1: Metaphysical Poets
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT extend the metaphor they created into a complete poem

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